Meet Our Management


Pineapple I believe that quality academics combined with co-curricular activities completes the circle of education. And it makes me very happy today that the institution, in all its horizons, is making progress towards the overall development of the students. These days, parents seek not only basic education, but also entities like academic quality, excellence and discipline in their children.
Choosing the right school and college for the parents is therefore a critical decision. Every faculty member at SSIS & SSPU College have been constantly thriving to attain the standards of excellence set by the management. I sincerely thank every student member, parents and partners associated with Sri Sharada International School & PU College for recognizing the efforts of our team and hope we continue to grow with your support and blessings.

- Sri. V. R. Patil, President


Pineapple Sri Sharada International School and PU College were founded with an endeavour to impart professional education and first class facilities to the students of HK-region. Back in our days, there were hardly any renowned schools or colleges in our area. I am overjoyed that SSIS and SSPU College will be great learning destinations in and around the district and that students now will not have to migrate to other places in search of quality education. We strongly believe that every student is a unique person with their own skills, needs and aspirations and we are committed to bring this out.
The exceptional SSIS and SSPU College setup, with state-of-the-art, well-designed infrastructure, provides outstanding learning and understanding skills. The students here are designed to think out of the box and display overwhelming expression, innovation and teamwork.

- Sri. S. R. Patil, Secretary

Executive Director

Pineapple We praise you on making the right choices and taking the right action thus far along your journey in pursuit of an excellent education. At Sri Sharada Institutes, education is planned as a comprehensive global process from day one, enabling you to be productively integrated into a society that enables you to learn and grow for life. You will study with the finest world-class faculty, using optimal contemporary international level education throughout your journey. I wish you all the best for your education.

- Sri. Shiva Prakash L.

SSPU Principal

Pineapple The success story of any Institution or an individual lies in gradual growth of every single step taken, which makes a giant leap of achievement. It’s a delight to watch the graph ascend. ‘Catch them young’ is a popular phrase that emphasizes that, right education should be given at the right time to make a better living. SSPU believes in value based education of high standard to ensure that every product of SSPU is well organized.

- Sri. Kiran Kumar M.

SSPU Academic Principal

Pineapple To cope with the speed with which knowledge prospers, today's students must seek to achieve academic excellence. And with academic excellence we do not mean just high grades and superior performance inside the classrooms, but a holistic development comprising of self-confidence, persistence and leadership abilities. SSPU promises to provide a high-quality educational experience that empowers students, is global, and develops skills and values to deliver their full potential. Students passing out of SSPU, will be ready to take on the world and confidently clear any entrance exams to pursue their future career goals. The foundation laid for the PU students here guarantees admission to the topmost universities of India and abroad.

- Sri. Nagesh Babu